Monday, June 15, 2009

Good & Cheap Cosmetics: Elf &

Hey Guys,

Just a few minutes ago I submitted my orders of makeup at both of these websites. The prices are really good. has good brands at cheap prices & Elf has a lot of items for just $1 each!! ( I have done some research and a lot of people like shopping at these two websites). At I ordered many eye pencils for just $.50 cents ( I was excited at the price LOL) and I also ordered a few NYX products that were around $1.50-$3.50. The most expensive thing I got at was a NYX concealer jar for $5.00 but it is high quality and will last a very long time therefore, it is 5 bucks well spent. Now for Elf, I aimed at getting some cheap necessary things such as blending wedges, eye make up remover, slanted tweezers, dual sharpener with cover, a cute compact mirror (for my to-go make up bag), nail polish remover wipes ( again this is just for my makeup bag I carry along), blotting paper sheets (to remove shine from face), and believe it or not I also got fake lashes. All of that was $1 each!! :-) We'll see what happens when I get all my stuff (I didn't mention alot). I will put up reviews of these products and most likely begin to use them to show you guys how to get certain looks. So check these websites out!! (on go 2 the sales sections if you really want good cheap stuff) Hope this was of help to all those people out there who need good make up and cannot afford it, Like me!!

BEWARE: be careful after you put your credit card information!! ( a pop up from came up offering a $10 dollar cash back and all it takes is putting your email twice to get all your credit card info. Then they will bill you every month because technically you are signed up with them.) Don't fall for that and do not enter any info outside of the elf website. If you ignore this you should be fine and can enjoy your elf products. If you didn't call their number and cancel before you get billed!!

The Links to the sites:


Stay Tuned for the Haul & Review when I get these products!!!

p.s. I couldn't find a good pic sowwy!

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  1. i thought thought this one was gunna be about the movie when i saw the big kinda dissapointed =[