Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pay It Foward: Milk of Magnesia as Primer

OMGGGGG!!!! WHHHAAATTTT!!!!! You put stuff you are suppose to ingest for digestive purposes on your face????? YUP. The importance of paying it forward is just that: Things you never would have thought of become life and money savers. I came across this tip on YOUTUBE (The holy grail of holy grail worthy information). Since I am not afraid to try anything, I didnt hesitate to go and pick up a bottle of Phillip's Milk of magnesia.

So what is this thing suppose to do for my skin???

First of all, you guys must know the extent of the oiliness of my face. Michelle knows the following information is true. When my face is at its oilest i look as if I am sweating from running a marathon. I then jokingly take out 5 blotting sheets and stick them unto my face as if i'm wearing a mask. I then remove them and I look like i have only walked up 26 flights of stairs rather than have ran a marathon.

Now, the milk of magnesia is suppose to act as a mattifyer, primer, pore minimizer, redness reducer, and acne treatment.

I apply a thin layer of MOM with my elf foundation brush after the usual washing, toning, treating, and moisturizing. I apply to my t-zone and the huge pores on the side of my nose. I let it dry and rub off any chalkiness that may occur (The less you use the better it is). I then apply my makeup as usual.

So my thought on this product is that it absolutley works. I was amazed at how matte my face stayed from 11 am till 12am. It also has relieved the redness on my face and I even used it as an overnight acne spot treatment. This product also works great as a mask when applied in a thick layer. I say you must try this. (You can read more reviews on MOM on This may become my HG in the primers category (I usually use Monistat anti-chafing gel).
When purchasing (It cost $10 for the big bottle and about $4 for the smallest) remember to buy the original without sugar or flavoring. Generic brands can also work aswell as Phillip's.
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  1. where do you buy MoM cant seem to find it anywhere here! ty