Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Biggest & I mean BIGGEST Wish..

Hey Lovelies,

This is a short blog post so let me begin by saying don't expect much LOL. Anyhow, as you guys may have realized, the Makeup and Beauty Community is pretty large. When I started out playing with makeup and slowly becoming obsessed over it I had no clue there were many people with my same exact obsession. When I discovered YT and All these Beauty blogs I was extremely happy because I got to learn and hear from people who share my passion for Beauty related topics. Now that I am very involved with the makeup community (and by "involved" i mean that i am subscribed to many beauty related channels on YT and I follow a numerous amount of beauty blogs as well as follow many of these talented individuals via twitter & facebook) I keep hearing about the well-known "IMATS" - International Makeup Artist Trade Show. I discovered what the IMATS was this summer when I started my blog and YT. Now I can only DREAM really hard of going. I purchase makeup on a budget so that tells you sort of where I am financially. With that said, I doubt I can go to the IMATS anytime soon for any of the upcoming shows. But Seriously... it is one of my dreams to go to one of these shows and experience the talent of many that share this crazy passion with me. Well, on that note i'm going to go to bed and just dream of being in the IMATS someday LOL thanks for stopping by guys and til' next time!!


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  1. I know just what you mean! I wanted to be at IMATS this year and I was actually just a few days from purchasing my flight, however, got news yesterday that I might be losing my job! So I dont think I will be going this year! But I REALLY hope to be there in 2011!!! :)