Sunday, May 30, 2010

Look of the day 5/30/10

Hello there,

Its been near to forever since i did a blog post but ive been super busy with school and work, on the oher hand now that school is over (Thank you GOD!!) i have a tad bit more time to myself... anywho i had to do a blog post on the look i did today, usually at work i get a lot of compliments but today EVERYONE had something to say about my eye look.. my manager stated "its nice, reminds me of a peacock" lol and others said it reminded them of a rainbow well... idk my boyfriend was who gave me the idea of which colors to do... by the way i work in Sephora so its not like i looked wierd or overdone for work.. these are things our clients love to see and get amazed by when they see us get creative. okay enough rambling here is the look.. (sorry about the pic it was taken with my phone and i cut off half of my face lol) now i want to know what it reminds your guys of....

Till Next Time!!

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