Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whoa...im slackin

Oh guys guys guys,

This is an apology letter LOL to say SORRYYYYYYY For being so wack lately. I've had alot on my plate just planning the blog alone and whats coming up on it and the things i need to do to get the work done. Thanx to my lovely boyfriend, andy we finaly finished the whole layout thing. I still have to add a few widgets and then u guys will see my upcoming elf haul, a mac haul, a random haul and a COUNTLESS amount of reviews. You guys will also see some other makeup pics of makeup i've done on friends. So please don't give up on me I promise the wait will pay off :-) Hope I can be forgiven. (oh and i've been working alot lately and doing family and friend things too) so yeah.. This blog will be full of cool info for us beauty crazy girls


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