Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pink/purple-ish Makeup

Hello there Guys,

The other day friend, Mary darling LOL needed her makeup done because she was going to go out partying. So she asked me to do her makeup and of course i wasn't going to say no :-) because makeup is so much funnnnn. Plus I owe u guys pics and stuff. So here they are. The products I used on Mary were the following:

- Elf Shielding Hydro-Tint: all over face
- Nyx Concealer in a Jar: Under eyes and blemish areas
- Elf clarifying pressed powder: all over face to set concealer & hydro-tint in
- Cargo Bronzer: forehead,lower side cheeks,chin
- Clinique Blush: Higher side cheeks & cheek bone area

- Elf Shielding Hydro-Tint: all over eyes as primer
- Nyx concealer in a jar: under and over shape of eyebrows for highlight
- Wet & Wild Magic Purple: On eyelid as primary color
- Light purple in Starry Palette: inner part of crease
- Hot pink in Starry Palette: Outer corner and blend in to outer part of crease as well
- White in Starry Palette: Brow bone for highlight
- Nyx Black eyeliner: waterline
- Prestige Dark Brown Liquid Liner: eyeliner
- Buxom Lash Mascara: 2 coats over top and bottom lashes

- Nyx in Aphrodite: all over lips
- Mary Kate & Ashley Clear gloss: all over lips

(Note: I will make a posting on the starry palette for you guys to see)

Thanks for visiting the blog, Hope you guys liked this look. Feel free to leave comments & suggestions :-)

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