Thursday, July 30, 2009

Global Beauty: China Doll

Everything seems to be MADE IN CHINA, but what do we know about Chinese beauty secrets?

Like all other nationalities, the ideal chinese beauty has changed throughout the ages. The Chinese woman now has freedom to express herself; therefore, there is no standard to what a chinese woman should look like. To me, Chinese women seem to have an effortless, minimalist view of beauty. Their beauty comes from flawless skin and gorgeous shiny hair (Think Lucy Liu). Let's admit it not all of us are blessed with porcelean skin or naturally shiny hair, but there is always a product that can help:

For Flawless Skin:

Water (Free)- You can not have enough of this elixer of life. Infact, I will ask that all followers of this blog consume atleast 12 cups of water a day. Trust me, you do not want to be stuck in the hospital on a Sunday because you are dehydrated and have developed a kidney stone (The pain is like being stabbed again, again, and again).

St. Ives Aprioct Scrub ($3-$5)

Great skin starts with a great product. I use St. Ives about 4 times a week and whenever I think I need a scrub. The apricot granules are gentle enough to not hurt and rough enough to scrub away dull dead skin cells.

For Porcelean Skin:

Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation ($4- $6)

When I first bought this foundation I did not like it, but now that I know the importance of hydrated skin this product is great. It workks best on well hydrated skin (Don't slack on the moisturizer or the water). This foundation also happens to be one of the most affordable. It is made of 50% water (YESSS WATTERRR), which does not clog pores. I apply this with a sponge on the areas I need it. It offers light coverage, but it is buildable. It is a matte finish.

For Shiny Hair:

Biosilk Silk Therapy (Varied prices $12-$30)

I love this stuff. The smell is enticing and it is multi-purpose. These silk drops can be applied to damp hair as a shine treatment, to dry hair as shine serum, and to hair as heat protectant before using heat. I religiouly use this everyday. A little goes a long way, so my 20 ounce bottle still has 6 months of use in it (Ibought the bottle in December and I still haven't gotten half done with it).

For long lashes:

Avon Uplift Mascara ($6-$8)

This is one of my HG (Holy Grail) Mascaras. The fibers offer length and even application. I love how this mascara can enhance a natural look, but can also be layered to intensify a sexy look.

For more on the changing history of Chinese beauty go to

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