Saturday, July 4, 2009

Makeup On the Birthday Girl!

Another one of my close friends just turned 19 (Hope you had an awesome bday!!) and asked me to do her makeup.. I LOVE MAKEUP!! so here are the pictures of what i did on her.

- MAC Spray on foundation
- Elf liquid concealer
- Jane Mineral powder
- Jane Mineral bronzer
- MAC Blush (don't remember what color, will check)

- elf hydro tint as primer
- elf matte quads light gold (lid)
- elf matte quads hot pink (beginning of crease)
- elf matte quads purple (middle and ending of crease)
- elf matte quads darker purple (outer corner)
- elf matte quads shimmery white (brow bone)
- Black eyeliner (check back for brand)
- wet and wild (top and bottom lashes)

- Mac Lipstick in Cocoamour
- Mac Clear lip glass tube

Hope you guys enjoyed & like this look Please don't forget to subscriber and become a member! THANKS!!


  1. Her name is rosanna, my first follower and subbie ILY!! Thank you for the support.

  2. ily2!!! =].. the eyeliner is by maybeline =]