Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome Our New Author: Rosanna Lizardo

Hiii Everybody :-)

Well a few changes are about to happen at whytheblush and the very first one is that *drum roll* we have a new author!!! YAY! Well u guys have already seen her face below with the "make up on the birthday girl" post. She is also new to blogging and blogger itself but she's what i like to call makeup and beauty crazy like me LOL. She is awesome so I know you guys will love her. Chances are we might get a third author but that will be confirmed tomorrow. The way this will work is very simple: all of our work will have our name as a label and then another label of what it is. For example: Haul, Michelle. This way you guys can either access our individual work and also what the post is classified under itself. Stay tuned for our upcoming changes, enjoy Rosanna's upcoming work and THANK YOU to those who have visited the blog and become a member.. it means alot! bye bye

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