Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NEWS!!!! :


So I have some great news!!! As of last night I became a MARK. Representative!! I am very excited, Mark. sells many things such as Jewelry, Skin care, Fragrances & of course MAKEUP! I know its not as big as being a makeup artist in MAC or Sephora, but its something I'm extremely happy to be doing. I am my own boss and depend on only myself which gives me a sense of responsibility as well as management skills. Mark. is a great Company which comes from AVON, Their products are non expensive and great quality!! The brushes are Heaven most brushes that are bought for $5-$8 shed a lot and are extremely hard, but these brushes are so inexpensive and great. As well as foundation, Tinted Moisturizer, and the eye shadows are WONDERFUL! Long lasting, beautiful colors, and can be an asset to any makeup collection especially for their price!... So please come support me and look around the site.. The website to my online store is, There u can contact me and I will try to respond at least the same day or you can BUY FROM ME!, if there are any questions on the product like I said just ask =] Thank you and I hope you guys pass by and support me!! TILL NEXT TIME! =]

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  1. wooo hoooooo!!! wait til I get some spendable cash LOL I will hit up your online store & hook myself up. Guys check it out is very very affordable :-)