Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet my boyfriend :-)

Hello My fellow people!

Today I wanted to make a post introducing to you guys my boyfriend, Luis Andy. He is a very big part/chunk of my life so I figured it would be nice to introduce him to you guys :-) We have been together through it all guys like seriously!! I mean we started going out on December 10, 2005. Of course times were rough at times since we have practically gone through our teenage years together and seen each other grow up. But I must say we have also gone through really great times. I would say our roughest moment was when I went away for college, we broke up for almost two months but we are back together now and making things work. That is a very very short version of our story LOL. Right now we are each working on our personal lives as well as our lives together. Getting thru school and working. This dude in crazy about technology & computers just as I am crazy about makeup & beauty, I find that to be a very cute fun fact. One thing that I am very proud of is that we have grown and matured. We strive in keeping our relationship very healthy. No controlling each other and giving value to each other's opinions & plans. So yeah... Any of you guys in a relationship? Share your story with a comment below. I'd lovee to know. Well guys hope you enjoyed learning about this part of me & my life. Til' next time..

This is a picture of me & my boyfriend, Luis Andy @ my prom. My makeup kind of wore out at this point. It was like really late at night. Fun night :-)


  1. You guys look great together. I met my husband in 2005, just before my 25th birthday. We've been inseparable ever since. I think that we have a good relationship, we make sure that we have no secrets from each other and we talk to each other everyday. I've learned a lot from him; life your bf, he's very much into computers but he's also into politics and art. I think that I totally lucked out cause I married my best friend.
    Thanks for sharing some of your life with us.

  2. Awww that is so cute & beautiful!! How long do guys have married? That sounds like a great and healthy relationship so congratulations to you. Consider yourself a very lucky woman. Thank you sooo much for sharing your story with us I love hearing about other love stories :-) God bless you guys & best of continuing luck to the both of you <3