Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starry Eyeshadow Palettes

Hellooo Guys,

Some people where wondering where did the eyeshadows from the makeup I did called Purple-ish & Pink makeup on my friend Mary came from. As I had listed on that post, I used some purple & Pink colors from my Starry eyeshadow Palettes. I got these two palettes as part of a gift from one of my friends, Kathy (she's awesome). As you guys can see these palettes have 6 matte eyeshadow colors on the top half of the circle and 6 glittery cream shadows on the bottom half of the circle. The matte eyeshadows have good consistency especially if the eyes are primed beforehand. I think there is a huge difference in the color when the eyes are not primed. So i highly recommend to use any type or form of primer before application. The glittery cream shadows are pretty cool. They have glitter on top of the cream shadow NOT mixed in the cream shadow. The cream shadows can be used as a primer. There is a variety of choices for priming and even for the matte eyeshadows as well. As far as the glitter on the cream shadows, they can be moved to one side if desired incase you want to use the plain cream shadow and they can also be used separately in many creative ways. So i think this eyeshadow palette is pretty good because it has three good things to use on the spot: eyeshadow, primer, and glitter. Also the price is pretty darn good. I believe they're like $3.50 each (I think!). You can check the definite price on where my friend purchased these two. I enjoyed using these palette's THANK YOU KATHY!! and i would consider getting some more in the future if more pretty colors come out. Thank you guys so much for visiting the blog and reading this. I really appreciate the support!

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