Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wet & Wild VS Eyes Lip Face.. Is there a Comparison?

Hello there blogers!

So I've been missing for about 2 weeks and it wasn't intentional I've just been kind of busy trying to spend time with everyone since once college starts again its crunch time!! Now onto the post! =]
So recently I bought tinted moisturizer and concealer from Wet & Wild even though I am a HUGE fan of ELF for my everyday look I thought I would try W&W since it is as inexpensive as ELF but I feel like the price range is the ONLY thing they have in common! Why? While ELF is inexpensive yet feels light on your face and has GREAT coverage as well as giving you a nice clean feel, These W&W products feel heavy and cover very little!... The tinted moisturizer is meant to give the face a little color but most of all moisturize and instead it made my face REALLY dry, when I applied my powder foundation my face felt and looked HORRIBLE the moisturizer also gets your face sticky after a while! Now the concealer.. is nothing compared to ELF its too pasty and dries very quickly when its applied but most of all its very hard to blend in since it does dry very quickly.. But then again maybe its just me but try it for yourself! I love many things from W&W but these to items are NOT included! I hope this post was useful, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! TILL NEXT TIME BLOGERS =]

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