Sunday, July 19, 2009

1st makeup look! =]

Hello blogers!

Well this is my second and last post for the night! I hope you are able to see it since I've been having a hard time with my camera! ugh idk why but all the pictures have been blurry and isn't really grasping colors but i hope you can somewhat see what i did =]

____________________________________________________________________ So this was a quick look I did sometime this week and I wanted it to be simple yet stand out! It was a extremely hot day especially since I was taking a whole lot of public transportation! But any who this is what I did!

-ELF Tinted Moisturizer [Rosy Beige]
-MAC Spray on foundation [Light]
- ELF liquid concealer [Fair]
- Jane Mineral bronzer
- Neutrogena sheer highlighting blush [Fresh]

~ Primer(ELF Hydro Tint)
~ ELF matte quads Luxe [dark gold] (lid to crease)
~ ELF matte quads Punk Funk [hot pink] (highlight of crease)
~ ELF matte quads Ethereal [mix of shimmery white & gold] (brow bone)
~ Maybelline DEFINE-A-LINE eyeliner [Ebony Black]
~ ELF earth and water mascara duo(waterproof side) [makes the lashes look longer & fuller]

- Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lip Palette [addictive]
- Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush [Minty Lip Shine w/ cinnamon oil](ontop of lip color)

I hope you guys enjoy the look even though the picture quality isnt great! im going to try and get a new camera and probably re-do the look if necessary... well TILL NEXT TIME =]

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  1. looks very very cute!! I completely love it even if the colors dont show much u can still see the variations and the nice application. So good job! I wish you could see what I did today.. i'm going to see if I can take a pic. <3 it tho.