Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette!

Hello There Bloggers!

So like a month ago I started seeing so many great reviews on this palette and I felt i just HAD to get it.. so guess what I did! May i say this is the most wonderful thing on EARTH!.. who ever invented it is a genius, from the color to the eye shadows texture its just wonderful. What I like most about this palette is the fact that it has a large variety of colors from neutrals to bright colors it has them all!.. Another thing is that is has both shimmery colors as well as matte. This Palette can be an asset to anyones makeup collection. When it comes to the right brushes to use with this palette I would suggest ELF's eye brushes, why? well because they are small and fits right into the color and grabs just the right amount! I bought this on (exact palette since they have 3 diff 88) for $18.95 the only thing I was not to crazy about is $10.00 for shipping but now that I have my palette I surely do not regret the money I spent! Another thing that made me feel it was money well spent was the fact that I went out to a party last night and I recieved so many compliments on my eye makeup! These colors blend beautifuly together as long as u know how to combine colors. If any of you bloggers have purchased this item and feel differently please let me know I want to see how every user feels! I hope you enjoyed and this was informative to your needs! TILL NEXT TIME!


  1. yeah these are pretty cool and amazing. so cheap too.

  2. I have the 40 color palette! I love it! They are very pigmented and blend well!