Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Temporary Beauty Corner & other ramblings :-)

Hello wonderful people,

So today I stayed home all day sick. The only thing I found to entertain myself was to fix up my room and finally make some space for my beauty stuff. Except this is only temporary because in less than 3 weeks i'm headed back to college & have to pack some of these babies LOL. I am now in love with my little beauty corner. As you guys can see my mirror is on the wall (kathy gave it to me thank youuu kitty kat!!) and all my beauty stuff is pretty much organized on the different shelves. It is pretty easy to do my makeup now & find exactly what I need. My makeup collection is very small as you guys can see but i am growing it little by little. I carefully have it all planned out as far as my makeup collection goes. I hope to move out before next summer and if I do I am definitely planning to have a beautiful Makeup vanity and nice storage for my makeup. Oh boy i dream a lot of dreams lol. Anyways this is what I did today... Do you guys have pics of your beauty stuff storage or makeup collections? Would love to see em'. Ok guys til' next time. Hope you guys enjoyed my randomness.


  1. Thank you! yay :-) At first I stared at it like 50 times and wondered if it looked okay but now I think is cute. Your opinion helped lol thank you for continuously stopping by our site I definitely appreciate it a bunch :-) you're awesome.

  2. this is such a cute vanity area. so neat too.

    good luck with college.

  3. Thank YOU!!! Becky :-) Your opinion really helps. I did this out of boredom but it is very convenient and organized so it helped me out. Now all my beauty things are ready for me in one corner LOL oh Thanks about the college wish!