Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo-Tag :-)

Blogger Buddies!!!!

Yes i've been MIA trust me I know! I moved back into college. Some of you already knew that if you follow me on twitter. But yeah, life as a college student is always busy. Especially if you live on campus. So that explain my MIA-ness. Now a cool blogger friend of mine, Ezziebell tagged me to do a photo tag and Here its is.

1. first go to your 'pictures' then simply click your first album of pics
2. count down your photos to your lucky 10th photo. but, it must be a pic that hasnt been tampered with or named and you cant pick one youve already posted
on blogger.
3. lastly, post your wonderful pic and tell us the amazingstory that goes with it. then, dont forget to tag 5 more people when your done.


This Picture was the day of My cousin's wedding. Yep, It is my prom dress. But I loved that dress soooo much that I decided to wear it one more time. As you guys can see the look is a bit different though. My hair is down and styled differently and all. I went to the Bathroom and took this picture with my phone, Palm Treo which matched my dress. I LOVED that phone, It was my life (I wish I still had it). But yeah the pic isn't too interesting LOL but that was my Lucky 10th picture. You can also see another one of my cousins standing back there lmao. Ok guys that's about all I have to say about my pic. Hope you guys liked it and thats to Ezziebell for tagging me.


I also Tag My contributors : Rosanna & Katherine. Aswell as any Readers who have blogs and would like to do this Tag. Thanks for stopping by... Til' Next time guys!!


  1. I'm following you too! Thanks for linking up! Please spread the word about my blog as I will email all about yours. Thanks!

  2. hi michelle...

    loves the pic...ur so jealous...

    i posted new stuff on my blogg...take a look...