Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mascara Review!!

Hello There bloggers=] So here is a Review on a Few mascaras that I have been using for 2 weeks or more... Ill be rating them from a ...1-5

1. E.L.F earth and water mascara duo

I believe this mascara isn't bad it does not compliment a dramatic look, this mascara is more like an everyday type... I personally use the waterproof side more because it gives more volume and plump than the non waterproof side... but hey for $1 dollar its a great buy but its def. not at the top of my have to buy

2. Lash Blast by Covergirl

This mascara can be described in one simple word WOW!... I just loveeee this mascara I bought it at Target 2 for $8 which was a bargain and ive used this Mascara for about every look!!! If u want the main focus of your eyes to be your eye lashes this is the mascara to go for!!

3. The Colossal Volum' Express by Maybelline
I had been wanting to try this mascara but I was always iffy about it.. The brush did not convince me because it was typical bristles until I went on my trip to Virginia Beach I forgot to bring mascara!! So we stopped at walmart in Delaware in the city Colossal is about $8 well I saw it was $4.59 so i got it!! and I really like it I wish I would've bought it sooner its the type of mascara that with 1 coat its good for simple eyes and 2-3 coats it gives nice dramatic eyes

4. Make it big by MARK. (Avon Inc.)
So as i have previously discussed I am a Mark. Representative and as both a customer and a Representative this is my FAVORITE product from Mark. It does exactly what it says make your lashes BIG! with this mascara you don't need to buy another fake eyelash ever again!!! If you would like to purchase this product just go to my eBoutique http://rlizardo.mymarkstore.com/ or for MAC users http://mymarkstore.rlizardo.com it is only $6.5o

Well this is the end of my review i would appreciate if people comment on the post telling me how they feel about these 4 mascaras since everyone has different opinions about things =] so TILL NEXT TIME =p


  1. i love make it big by mark and the colossal by maybelline. they both work so well for me.

  2. thanks for the reviews! im always buying different mascaras to find the perfect one!

  3. me too! =] have you tried lash blast? it creates nice thick and long lashes =]

  4. Nice posttt! You should try Rimmel Sexy Curves next :-) you won't be dissapointed.