Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sigma Brushes Haul & Mini Review

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How are you all doing? Well it is 4:46am on my end and i'm here writing a blog post LOL. Today I decided to post my haul on Sigma Brushes because I have them for about a week and a half so I can include a mini review along with it. I say mini review because it will not be full depth/each brush sort of thing. It will mostly be my overall thoughts & some singled out brushes. I might do a full depth review after using them for longer. So let me get started.

Haul & My Experience:
I ordered the sigma makeup professional brushes complete set without a brush roll for $64.00 USD. Delivery was on point.. took about 3-4 days so that was good. Packaging was also good. It came in a padded envelope. The actual brushes were all individually wrapped with plastic over them. The big face brushes had the protective plastic sleeves to keep their shape. The brushes came inside a black see through pouch. A pamphlet was included with information on the brushes & what they are used for, made out of, & their name/numeration. That was very useful. Best of all they included a free gift which was an E.L.F. Quad. I thought that was a very nice gesture of them.

Mini Review:
The first thing I did was feel the brushes & my very first impression was: WOW! I couldn't believe how soft they were. Automatically I became excited to use them. I washed them with my MAC brush cleanser right away and was very careful with them. I put them to dry overnight and when I came home from work the following day they were ready for use.

I have been using these brushes for about a week or so and i'm impressed with the quality of these brushes. I cannot compare them to MAC brushes since I have only owned 2 MAC brushes but I have watched so many comparison reviews that I do not feel the need to buy MAC brushes to compare. From the reviews I have watched on YT from people that almost only owned MAC items, they all have mentioned how these brushes are either equal or better quality. To me that is very impressive & believable.

If you are wondering if these brushes shed, Here is the real deal...They don't. The one brush that has shed on me was the SS 150 but that is the all over face brush. This brush is a very dense brush so shedding is only normal. Therefore, this does not disappoint me. Honestly, if you want an all over face brush that does not shed then it cannot be dense. I prefer dense & full brushes so i'm willing to accept the shedding. On another note many reviews do claim that the MAC 150 also sheds this same way because on the density of the brush. So that is basically all I have to say about shedding.

My Overall Opinion:
Do I recommend these brushes? YES i most definitely do. You will get 12 good quality brushes for a great price. The brushes average out to be about $5 dollars and some change each and that is truly amazing considering how great these brushes are. For some people this is still an investment (like me since I am a college student with a summer job) and even so... it is an investment worth making. I do not regret my purchase of these wonderful set of brushes. I am actually saving up to get the travel size set in "nice in pink."

SigmaMakeup <-- Click here :-)

Thank you wonderful people for stopping by. Hope this was helpful to you guys & now i'm off to bed! Til' next time guys :-)

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  1. Can you confirm that it was only $64 USD within the last 2 weeks? I bought in Mid July and paid $79 USD and this month they are $89 USD. Seems like many price increases in a short time.