Monday, August 3, 2009

whytheblush's Music Playlist

Hello Darlings,

How are you guys doing? I hope all is well with all of you! I was just visiting the blog and realized we need some more music. Sometimes I come to the site and leave the playlist running as i work around the house but I want more to listen to. Therefore I am making this blog post to see if any of you guys would like to request anything you would like to hear since this is a place made for you guys. I will be adding music as soon as I get enough songs to add. I only have one song in mind which is "don't trust me" because I LOVEEE that song right now LOL. So please anything you guys would like to request let me know. Do NOT be shy :-) Ok guys GN it's 2:57 AM on my end and I work very soon. So leave me comments & stuff if possible. Til' next time.

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