Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess What!? ... i'm backkkkkk :-)

Myyyyyy lovelies!

Well, as you guys saw.. I was absent for quite some time. So many people were wondering if I fell off the face of the earth or something but no worries I didn't lol. I missed blogging and all of my readers alot. I saw that my author friends posted a few things while I was gone... I hope you guys enjoyed that. You guys are probably confused wondering why I was gone in the first place. WELL lol moment of truthhh *drum roll* Ok enough of that... I was joining a sorority! I am now part of the sorority, i'm so glad I made it. I'm aware that this is a public site and many people will have their opinions on this which is fine but a lot of people seem to base greek life on what they see on television and atleast for the sorority I joined is definitely not that way... well thats a topic for another day just wanted to put that out there because I know comments will made at some point. Well I am very happy to be back and I am beginning to plan the upcoming blog posts. Please keep in mind that I am now more busy then ever but I won't let you guys down. Please feel free to comment and let me know how have u guys been and anything u want me to post about! well til' next time guys...


  1. I look so tired here because it was the night of my crossing guys LOL so please excuse me and my appearance!!

  2. congrats :) you part of Sigma lambda Upsilon right?