Sunday, December 20, 2009

A warm hello and A little venting...

Hey Guys !!!

So i'm finally on my winter break... I'm happy but at the same time i'm stressed. I'm really working on saving money because I want to move out in my own apartment by this summer but I cannot continue working in my job because it is on campus which is far from me to commute daily. Therefore I've been thinking of applying to some seasonal jobs I might enjoy and as you all know I enjoy makeup... I would die to work for MAC Cosmetics but I heard it's such a process to work there and time is ticking for me.. I wanted to try Sephora so I'm going to see if I speak with the manager in person tomorrow. Do any of you know anything about working there or have worked there? Or do any of you know about any jobs that involve makeup.. ? Urghh If you guys have any advice please let me know... I was even thinking of doing freelance but Ofcourse I would need clients for that and ect.. How have you guys been doing??? I havent heard from many of you in such a long time ( I know thats my fault for beeing gone lol) but as I told you guys I'm organizing the upcoming blog posts and I need to work extra hard on my channel. I really wanted to do a blog post and a new video on frequently asked questions about me just so that you guys get to know me better but I need you guys to ask me questions first so I'm putting the invite out there LOL you guys can askkk me questions!!! :-) On another note, I made four years with my boyfriend about 10 days ago.. 12/10/05 and I got a new promise ring which I think is sooo beautiful. I'll put up the picture of it. He is also struggling to work a new job so we can finally move out. Life is beautiful but oh soo stressful! Ok so off I go to plan the next few blog posts :-) I really hope you guys enjoy...

P.S. Guys idk wth is going on with my background... I need a new one, any suggestions? Ok love ya!

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