Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swap Shop / Thrift Shop Haul Post

Hello Everybody...

How are you all? well a lot of you guys know that I am in Miami, Florida. Those that follow me on twitter know this and how it's going, road trip and all. The other day I tweeted about how I was on my way to a thrift shop although it is called a "swap shop" (not that we swapped anything idk lol) but yeah we went there and um it was pretty cool. I got a few good things so I cannot complain. The thrift shop was HUGE it was in Ft. Lauderdale I believe but i'm not quite sure. Anyhow in order to shop in there you need a lot of patience and energy because you really need to look thoroughly through things. Overall, I got accesories at good prices such as: bags, jewelry, sunglasses and a keychain. Everything I got I truly liked and was looking for. Ok enough about me and my experience here are pictures and prices :-)

1) First thing up is my new favorite bag, It is a no brand bag made out of a leather type material, it is very simple and very vintage. It was only $10.00

2) Second is this beautiful brown clutch that can be used for a variety of occasions, to dress up or even dress down for only $2.00

3) Third is this BEAUTIFUL Keychain by Kat Von Zeeland. It is huge and makes quite a statement, it can be used for your keys or to hang on to your favorite bag... it's up to you. This was only $5.00

4) My fourth item is a simple gold filled chain, it is very pretty and versatile since I can also wear it up or down with any outfit. The lady at this particular stand gave it to me for free since i had bought a few things from her already..

5) Fifth item is this set. It is a thick collar chain along with a thick bracelet that has a little airplane as a charm. I got these together for $8.00

6) Item number six is these Ed Hardy sunglasses, Now i'm not one hundred percent sure they are authentic but they do look pretty Legit. Regardless I LOVED how they looked on me and I only paid $8.00 so even if they turn out to not be authentic I am still satisfied with them.

7) Up Seventh are these earrings, They were each a dollar ($1.00) so that was good and they are light weight so they are very comfortable to wear.

8) Of course, I had to save the best for last. Here is my Authentic Dooney & Bourke bag, Real Leather. I thought it was so rare and beautiful and on top of it all, it was barely used!! It is supposed to be a messenger bag but the long strap is missing. I didn't mind using it as a hand purse therefore I got it. I only paid $30.00 for this bag and I was soooooo happy after I bought it. Here she is... My new baby!

So yeah guys, This was my huge thrift shop haul... Like I said before I am very happy with everything I got. I can't wait to get back home and just put everything where they belong (yeah i'm a dork like that lol) Please tell me what you guys think I LOVE to hear from you guys, you guys don't even know how happy that makes me, it makes me feel like someone out there cares for the effort I put into this blog. Well I hope to hear from you guys and I truly hope you guys enjoy this post. Til' next time guys!

- Michelle <3


  1. Great finds! I really love the keychain and the sunglasses!

  2. That clutch is adorable!!! You have a terrific eye!