Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mini Haul!

Hello there bloggers,

This is a haul on things i bought this past Monday and today! its nothing major but i am in love! =]

#1 Kirkland Signature by Borghese Cosmetic Brushes

So I have seen seeing many makeup gurus on youtube bragging about how these brushes were GREAT!... & let me tell you they were def not kidding about the texture!.. it is synthetic bristles but it definitely does not feel that way, the way i described it was "it feels like touching the outside of brand new Ugg boots! I have not tried the brushes yet so i am not able to say if they shed or whatever the case may be but for the price I am satisfied already!.. it brings 12 brushes(2 powder brushes 1 travel & 1 regular, 1 large flat top brush, 1 large angled foundation brush, 2 eye shadow brushes 1 travel& 1 large, 2 eye blending brushes 1 travel & 1 large, 2 flat eyeliner brushes 1 travel, 1 large, 1 large eye smudger brush, & 1 brown brush and Spooley Duo), 2 cases 1 for the travel brushes & 1 for the large brushes, and last but not least a eyelash curler.. & all of this for... *Drum Roll* REG. Price $19.99 but i guess it was on sale for $13.97 sold only at Costco...

#2 Full Finish Lipstick by Benefit

Well this lipstick was unexpectedly purchased.. I was given a gift card for Macy's during the holiday season & i was spending a day with the #1 woman in my heart my beautiful co-author Michelle of course!!lol & we went to Macy's because she wanted to go to Macy's, so i have been wanting a nude lipstick & out of no where im like i want a lipstick like what Kim Kardashian wears (Michelle's idol) and the sales associate shows me the color called Fame Game & it is gorgeous, I tried this lipstick yesterday and i was amazed at how long is stays on in a 6 hour period i only had to re apply once which surprised me its a shimmery nude & its just beautiful because it doesn't have a cakey looking finish like most matte lip colors do & this item is $18.00

#3 Creaseless cream shadow/ liner by Benefit

I was going to get a paint pot from MAC but the sales associate at benefit did a "make over" to Michelle & I, which we think she doesn't really know what she is doing but whatever i fell in love with the color called birthday suit it can be used the same exact way as paint pot & i used this product yesterday with a nice brown & purple smokey eye & may i say i received many compliments.. its the type of color that can make any eye color pop especially if applied with focus in the inner eye corner, this product is $19.00

Well this is the end of my mini haul hope this was helpful.. Please go check out the Whytheblush youtube channel Michelle is preparing a lot of new and exciting videos... till next time!!


  1. Those brushes look amazing! I'll have to check them out!

  2. Hei! I chanced upon your blog while looking for a certain review. I have to say- u have an awesome blog. Gr8 job & keep posting!!! >.<