Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amethyst Smokes - Maybelline Expert Wear Quad & Some Talking <3

Haylo Beautiful People,

Today was my.. I guess you can say "month-aversary" with my Boyfriend. Four years and a Month and by today I mean 1/10/10 even though this will be posted on 1/11/10 LOL. But yeah.. we went to eat at my favorite spot: Bubba Gump and then we went to Sephora so I could get "metro chic" nail polish from Sephora by OPI. He rushed me in Sephora because he knew I would spend hours in there and after that we went to see "Youth Revolt" <- It was definitely a great & funny movie. So I guess today went well. So now i'm home reading magazines and I went through some of my pictures and found this one. This is a picture of my makeup for a night out. My roommate had gotten a bunch of eyeshadows from the drug store and I picked "Amethyst Smokes" from the Maybelline Expert Wear Quads. I decided to follow the steps as it said just because I wouldn't like the colors in any other combination. I was impressed with the pigmentation on these eyeshadows quite honestly. I didn't expect these colors to go on so smoothly and with such vibrant colors. I had stopped buying drugstore eyeshadows (with the exception of H.I.P. duos) and decided to stick to department store brand just because I felt that it was worth paying more to get more. I feel that the Maybelline Expert Wear Quad in "Amethyst Smokes" is pretty awesome. This is the only Quad I can speak for since it is the only one I have used but I have read many reviews on the others and they are not that bad as well. Therefore two thumbs up for these shadows. If you like any of these or were thinking of getting them, do so. I doubt you will regret it. In the picture above I used my Boots Botanics cream liner in black and my Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara in Very Black. These also worked pretty well. Look how amazing my eyelashes look...People dared to say they were fake but Nope! all mine. Hope you enjoyed this post :-) And as usual.. Til' next time ladies & gents <3


P.S. I am soo Sorry this picture looks so small!

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