Monday, June 14, 2010

MAC Prep & Prime Review :-)

Wonderful People,

Whats up?! How is Everybody out there doing? Well since i’ve been slacking off on my beautiful blog i decided to just sit down and do this review although I should be sleeping. Oh well LOL anyways.. I bought the Prep & Prime Skin Primer about 2 months ago and out of 5 stars I would honestly give it all 5. Of course everybody has their own opinion but this more than works for me. Let’s begin with the packaging, this primer has a pump and u can gradually choose how much product you want to use. The primer itself has teeny tiny sparkling pigments that make your skin glow once used. I love this because there are days where I do not wear any tinted moisturizer, powder, bronzer ect. and on these days I just put on my prep and prime after my moisturizer and my skin looks great. I have very dry skin and I have never even thought of wearing this alone so keep that in mind. I always wear my Mario Badescu toner and then I choose a moisturizer to wear after the toner. So those are two things I always wear no matter what. Moving on, after putting the primer on my skin feels so GREAT!! I am amazed every single time I put it on because it is just so soft and nice as well as “glow-y”. When I bought this primer I was debating if I should get the one with SPF in it but that one did not have the pump and it was more expensive. Also one of the MAC counter people told me that the one without SPF was better for people with dry skin and then I was sold. I have read on reviews that the texture of the MAC Prep & Prime with SPF is different then the one without SPF. The one with SPF is thicker and creamier and the one without is more of a lotion and more fluid-like. One thing I L-O-V-E about this primer is that it does give you a “glow-y” look BUT it gives you a matte finish at that. On the rare occasions where I do wear foundation, this primer makes it very easy for the foundation to just glide on and I feel like the foundation blends into my skin a lot better. I am trying really hard to think if there is anything negative about this product but cannot think of anything... therefore it is my HG primer because I KNOW i will repurchase once I run out.

on another note...
only TEN more days until IMATS I still can’t believe i’m going. Oh Em Freakin Gee... LOL

Thanks for stopping by Whytheblush and I wish You ALL a blessed day (for those waking up) and a GREAT night (for those going to bed) OH and an Awesome Afternoon (for those experiencing that). LOL i’m off to bed..


  1. yay great review! And I'm excited you will be at IMATS! I will be there at the Purely Cosmetics booth! Stop by and say hi :)

    ♥ Stephanie

  2. Thamks for the review!!Love that it gives a matte fin ish!I'm going to try it!

  3. @ Stephanie: Thank You very much! I will try my best to stop by and say hello i’m so excited as well. Also a bit nervous since I’ve never been to any IMATS. Hope to see you! <3

    @ Blushingloves: You are so very welcomed, I love that about it as well.. give it a try maybe it would be great for you too, you never know ;-)