Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone Going to the IMATS Pasadena 2010?

Hey Hey Hey,

Just got out of work my darlings and i’m here blogging. Feels great to be back and have all sorts of wonderful beauty related things to talk about. Well anyhow If you guys have followed my blog since I first began it almost a year ago in July.. you guys know how BAD I always wanted to go to the IMATS. To me it was a far away dream that I knew eventually would happen but in about ten days I am going to be in California for the very first time and in the IMATS at that. This is definitely living proof that dreams do come true. Anyhow besides being EXTREMELY excited I also am a bit nervous and a teeny bit clueless LOL. Like I said.. this is my first time in Cali and my first time in the IMATS so i’m not too sure of what exactly to expect. Any of you guys experiencing this same situation? Or does anyone have any advice about where to go in California during my stay? Anything I should know or do before the IMATS? I have been trying to do all the research possible to make this a wonderful experience. For those going I definitely look forward to meeting you guys. Well.. Any comments, questions and definitely advice is welcomed. As usual, I love hearing from you guys. Until next time my dolls ;-)

Michelle <3>

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  1. thats so exciting you get to go! Im sure you will have the best time! alot of fab people will be in attendance!