Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Gel, HeLLoooo Curl Cream: "Strictly Curls" by Marc Anthony

I cut my hair the other day because I felt like it was falling out too much. I used to have a lot of hair and all of a sudden I had very little. So yeah, I cut it very short and my plans are to take good care of it this time so that it could grow nice and healthy. I figured the first thing I should give up is gel. So thats exactly what I have been doing... I haven't touched one bit of gel in a while. I have wavy/curly hair and gel was like the only solution to my frizz issues until now. The other day my sister brought home an awesome product. It's called "Strictly curls" by Marc Anthony (No, not the singer LOL). It is also labeled "Curl Envy" and it says it is "Perfect Curl Cream." This Product is AWESOME! It works sort of like how gel works except you do not get that hardening effect. My hair felt very conditioned and the waves looked nice and healthy. The only slight problem is that after about 5 hours your hair will start getting a tiny bit frizzy since it starts wearing off but what i do is wet my hands and slide it through my hair to reactivate the cream and that works perfectly for me (as if I had just done it all over). The cream comes in a cute yellow tube. You can see Marc Anthony, the hair professional's picture in the back looking all cool LOL But yea I really do like this product. Other products will just condition the hair but will not control the frizz and the conditioning usually dries the scalp after a while (that's what causes dandruff!) So therefore I love this cream :-) It is my tube of happiness which I must mention does not hurt the pocket since it is only $7.99. (Oops I forgot to mention how I use this product. Well I simply just make my hair damp, split it into four pieces and I apply a few drops of the cream to each piece separately making sure I get the scalp and ends well. Behind this tube it says to twist the ends to enhance the curling effect... I gotta try that) Hope this small little review helps you guys out with making a decision on what to put on your hair when you're curling it... Let me know what results you guys get!! Ok bye bye

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  1. Guys I forgot to mention that you can also apply this before you blow dry your hair so that it dries with more volume