Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homemade Phone Charm.. By Mistake! LOL

Last night before I went to bed I found one of my charm pendants. I guess the chain had broken and the charm fell out. The charm pendant was too cute for me to throw out so I didn't know what to do. That's when I remembered the cute expensive Juicy Couture phone charm I wanted and I figured my charm pendant wouldn't look too bad as a phone charm.
Here's what I did:
- The charm would look too plain on the phone without some color so of course, I took a hot pink ribbon and tied it to the charm pendant in the shape of a bow.

- Then I looked for something thin enough to fit through the charm holder hole in my phone and phone this very thing silverish kind of chain.

- I tied the charm to the very thin chain and put the thin chain through the tiny charm holder hole on my phone & Ta-Da!! There was my new homemade phone charm :-)
So if you ever have any loose pendants that you love just find a use for it. Maybe a Keychain or a phone charm like mine. Just add a cute color to it (if you want or it needs it) and tie it to a thin string then attach it to your phone. That's all
I made use of my cute charm and didn't have to toss it, that made me happy ;-)

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