Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're Hungry & You're Stuck Eating at a Fast Food Restaurant: What Should You Pick?

So now that I am on summer vacation from college I decided it was the perfect time to start trying to pick up on good healthy habits. I've been eating healthier and all of that good stuff but sometimes you can't be picky about where to eat and you just have to settle for the nearest fast food place. Now, this does not mean anything bad really because you are always able to make the healthier choice out of all of your options. Seems hard doesn't it? (ugh! especially when all you see is yummy french fries and huge hamburgers) Well I hope I can make your life easier by sharing with you guys a few lists that I found on what to eat at some specific fast food restaurants. You can always print any of these out and carry them in your bag,they can come in handy!

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