Sunday, July 19, 2009

whytheblush's Youtube Channel!!

Heyyy Lovely & Wonderful Blog members,

First of all I am like so happy right now...Like very happy! Let me just ramble and talk to you guys for a bit. I am a girl who at times second guess' herself. I have been in love with makeup ever since I was allowed to wear it and I was scared to kind of come out and show my talent or even tell people because I thought that maybe they did not see it how I saw it. Maybe they wouldn't think it was a big deal. Little by little people obviously started seeing how I did my own and suggested I did theirs and that is how I began. The same thing happen when family and friends suggested I publish my work over the internet. I was like no.. i'm not good enough, I have to be over the top good for people to like me and ect. But here I am doing makeup looks,reviews,hauls and other random things for you guys on my free time and i'm starting to build some confidence all THANKS to you guys. You guys definitely do not now how helpful this is to me right now. Well needless to say the same thing happened when my boyfriend,cousin, and friends suggested I start a YouTube channel. I said "oh no! i can't do that nobody would subscribe to me I am not good enough and i'm not good with public speaking" well here I am thinking and planning what to film because whytheblush's YouTube channel was definitely created. Thank you babe, thank you Rosanna, Vanessa, Mary, Kathy and every other person who has pushed me to do things I am capable of. If it would have been up to me I would never do the things I am able to do because I wouldn't think I am good enough. Now because I am just a student and a not so rich person I do not own millions of makeup, the best camera in the world or have crazy hauls. I lack many things right now but I am working with what I have just like I always have and hope you guys enjoy what I do as well as learn some things via whytheblush's YT channel. So without further or due I present to you guys our new channel: . Please support and subscribe (please excuse my shyness on camera) Here are also pics of my first tutorial "simple smokey eye" THANKS SO MUCH to my 12 followers, You guys make me so happy.


  1. oohhh I love this look. I've always love browns for the eyes & nudes for the lips. Very pretty, perfect combination ^_^. I hope you get to show the steps of how you did it & the color palettes that you use to achieve this look :)

  2. I love it also!! it's like so pretty. I showed the steps in my youtube channel but I can certainly put them up here also :-)