Saturday, July 18, 2009

3rd Author Confirmed :-)

Hellooooo Darlings,

So yeah it's true we have a third contributor to this blog. Her name is Katherine Guzman and I chose her because she is awesomely greattt with reviews & many other things. She of course loves makeup and beauty like Rosanna & I do. So I hope you guys enjoy her. She is definitely great so I know you guys will love her. Together Kathy, Roxy & I shall make an awesome team. Whytheblush has many upcoming plans for you guys to enjoy so please stay tuned. Also Just so you guys know I'm so happy to now have 11 followers, Yeah I know compared to many other bloggers it is nothing but i'm greatful for my followers.. THANK YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!! LOL. Ok so I leave you guys with Kathy. I hope you guys have enjoyed my work thus far as well as Rosanna's and will enjoy Katherine's future work. Til' next time...

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