Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Truth About: Cellulite

Hey Ladies (& maybe some gentlemen? LOL)

I decided to make a post about cellulite because it's something a lot of people know very little about and/or are confused about. So I hope you guys get to learn a lot through this post :-)


- What is it? Cellulite is lumpy bits of fat that is closer to the skin and pushes against the connective tissue located under the skin called Septae. <-- Click to see

- What does it look like? It looks like various dimples on your skin. Many people compare it to the appearance of cottage cheese.

- Who gets it? Anybody can get it. Men or Women. It affects mostly women or girls after puberty. About 90 percent of women have it. There are many factors that can determine if you are prone to get cellulite such as age, thickness of your skin, how much body fat you have or if many people in your family have it (genes).

- Isn't Cellulite caused by being overweight? FALSE, Cellulite affects the skinny girls more that the overweight girls simply because it's not being fat that causes the lumps of cellulite but the fat deposits that are really close to your skin.

- Where on the body do people get it? stomach, butt, and mostly thighs.

So if you guys have noticed you do have cellulite read along for ways to reduce the appearance of it or get rid of the majority of it...

How do I reduce the appearance of Cellulite on my body?

- Cellulite shows more on light skin so if you'd like for it to show less try spray on tanning or a self tanning lotion.

- Attention Girls: wearing panties causes cellulite (crazy right? but yep!) The elastic around the thighs and below the stomach that the panties have cause for more fat build up near the skin & more dimples. Yeah I know you do not want to go commando but I would suggest not wearing panties to sleep OR wearing more thongs & booty shorts which do not have the tight elastic.

- Drink lots and lots of water!

- Aerobic exercise & strength training are the "killers" of cellulite BIG TIME! You might want to try those.

- Watch what you eat, try to reduce the amount of calories you intake daily to reduce the amount of fat close to your skin that causes those lumpy dimples.

- Use a good product that helps reduce the appearance of the cellulite. I recommend the Nivea Products such as: NIVEA Good-Bye Cellulite 30-Day Body Beauty Program (pills & gel cream) Also Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite Patches (I have been using these things for 2 weeks an I'm seeing a difference!)

Hope you guys gained some cellulite knowledge. For those of you who do have it I hope you guys learned ways to reduce it or get rid of it. Do not be embarrassed about it, almost everybody has it. It is very rare for people not to have it. Maybe it shows less but it's most likely there lol (pinch your skin and see those dimples show). Until next time! :-)

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