Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello there!!!!

Sooo Michelle has gotten me into this whole blogging thing that I used to actually feel like it was extremely complicated but after she explained it to me, I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to be part of it and share little bits and pieces of myself with you guys! For starters My name is Rosanna Lizardo and recently turned 19! (wohoo =]) I currently attend CUNY Lehman college, planing to double major in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Women Studies! many people say I'm crazy for trying to be a double major but guess what I'm not crazy I just like to set high goals for myself that I know I am able to accomplish with passion and dedication. Nothing is out of our reach we just make excueses for ourselves that make it seem that way! Well i can say my number one hobby has become makeup. A few years back if someone was to ask me what was my hobby I wouldn't have anything to say but during the past years I have discovered this hidden passion and talent that helps me express myself. I enjoy doing makeup on other people more than myself because I know I am beautiful inside and out but there are some people that don't see themselves in the same light, makeup sometimes helps them see that outter beauty with just a touch of a few colors and BAM! a whole different person with confidence is born. The art of makeup is not my only talent but its the talent that lets me express myself the most! I love to have goals and plans to have my life in order, stability is key to success. One goal leads to another goal and another which means u will have a never ending list of accomplishments! I hope you guys get to see the true me through my different future posts aswell as gaining something out of them. On that note, i hope u enjoy a little about me =]

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