Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Post on My Day Today :-)

Hey BloggerLand,

Well I have been caught up in my own life and begun to slack again on you guys & my YT ppl. But I always come back as you guys can see. I just wanted to do a very small post on my day today. I think random posts like these make the blog a bit more interesting and gives you guys a chance to get to know me a bit better. Anywho, today I went to a small picnic/gathering with a few of my girlies. My roommate Jeunirys but I like to call her Jeun LOL, Her Beautiful Best Friend Nancy (she calls me MiMi lol silly girl), Also one of my friends Ny but I call her NyNy & my crazy friend dariana aka dari oh & a few other cool ppl. So yeah, it was fun to see everybody at this picnic in central park. I came home and if you guys haven't heard me mention this before I have a male best friend named steven (& i adore him) and his crazy brother Richard (I secretly adore that looser) but yeah I always hang out with these two and my boyfriend, Andy. We made some last minute plans to go see the Orphan movie. So we met up with my boyfriend after he came out of work and went to the movies. Guys this movie is super awesome like I was scared but I loved it. I would summarize but don't want to ruin it for future watchers. But yeah, we came out that movie and were just still amazed by everything that happened in it. If any of you guys have seen it please comment below with your opinions. Personally I loved Kate's character, she is such a smart woman and awesome mom but like what is good with Jon? Oh and Max is the cutest little thing ever!! But yeah I got home around 12:30 am & stuff. I spoke to the 3 losers I went to see the movie with and now I am blogging LOL so that was basically my day today. Nothing huge but it was quite fun meeting new people at the picnic and seeing a very good movie. I have no clue what I will be doing tomorrow but I hope I can get some work done on the YT channel as well as this blog. Wonderful people do not be afraid to ask questions and make requests btw. Well i'm off to bed now hope you guys didn't find this post too boring. Oh & also I must tell you guys that I ordered my sigma brushes!! I'm so excited to get them soon. Ok bye bye guys off to bed now. Til' next time :-)

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