Monday, July 20, 2009

Michelle's Sephora Wishlist <3

Hellooo lovely people,

So I am trying to expand my makeup collection because it is not the biggest due to me finishing all my older things and not doing constant makeup shopping because i had so many other things going on in my life. I am carefully choosing the things I want to add to my collection. I also sort of want to become a freelance makeup artist on the side just so you guys know. These are the things I have my eye on from sephora for now.

* Laura Mercier Undercover Pot: has 2 shades of concealer. The rosy one to cancel the blue/dark of under eyes & the more yellow tone to cover that rosy effect and also to cover blemishes. Then under it has setting powder.. how cool is that?! $35 <- ehh not so nice.

* Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes Mascara: this mascara gets every single little lash from the very root all the way to the top tips. I tried it at sephora and it was truly amazing! I am a mascara lover so I must add this to my collection. I also love the fact that it dries very quick to prepare for the next stroke which would add another layer of the mascara to make it darker and a fuller effect. amazing stuff $28 <-- say what?!

*Sephora Sun Disk: this is sephora's very known bronzer. It brings so much product it's like HUGE. Also I love the way it looks once applied. I feel like it is versatile because u can layer it to achieve the look you want.. simple bronzed, 1 layer OR summer sunkissed look, 3 layers. Catch my drift? $20 <- thumbs up!

*Twilight Fresh Face Glow: this is supposed to be a primer for before or even after makeup application. It has like a shimmery effect so I was thinking hmm.. maybe for highlighting & contouring. Because it would be good to give off that dewy look. yep :-) $36 <- Oh Lordy.

*Laura Gellar's Double Eye Appeal: This jumbo pencil is what I would use for eye brightening & highlighting. Don't take my word on this one because I have not gotten any swatches of it or gone near it. I'm assuming it's nice because it has 2 combinations which I believed would give a great highlight. It has a nude and a shimmer so those 2 together equal awesome-ness. $19.50 <- well... I guess.

*Sephora brand "tricks of trade" eye primer: This primer is said to be almost identical to Urban Decay's Primer Potion so I wanted to give it a shot. I tried it out on my hand with a few eyeshadows and it was sooo great. I want this! $12 <- AWESOME!

*Sephora brand eye primer pot: this eye primer is a bit more tacky & sticky I would say. So i want this specifically for those glitter shadows I have as well as the glitter pigments. I really hate it when I put these eyeshadows on and the glitter ends up everywhere in my face :-/ oh and guys get ready for the price $8 <- Definitely getting this ASAP!!

*NARS bronzing powder (laguna): I went to sephora just to try things out and see what I really wanted to get for future reference basically. I try everything on and one of those things was a bronzer. After I applied this bronzer everybody was like "omg where is that bronzer?!" and "omg what kind of bronzer is that?" people thought I owned it he he :-) but it was just the Laguna color bronzer from NARS. $30 <- Not that bad, NARS is pretty good. Worth the money.

The total of this would be $187.50 (YIKES!) but I will try to ebay some of the ebay-able things LOL the rest I am going to save up for. After all it's all about the quality of the product, the only thing is... this recession is killing us!! Regardless, I want to build a very good quality makeup collection so this is all worth it!! Thanks for stopping by.. til' next time!


  1. I didn't know that Sephora has their own primer pot. I will have to investigate.
    Thanks for following my blog. Yours is amazing. I will become a follower after I finish typing this.

  2. Yes they have the two kinds that I mentioned above. I'm going to investigate on it also LOL since i plan on getting it. I'll do reviews once I get it. Aww you are so kind you are very welcomed you're blog is awesome :-)