Saturday, July 11, 2009

Michelle's Update

Helloooooo Wonderful People,

it's like 5 am and I can't freaking sleep! :-/ I got home around 2 am because I went to see "Bruno" with my boyfriend, younger brother, and his younger brother. I am getting sort of tired and should get some sleep cuz now that I think about it I have a lot to work to do for this blog and other things. Anyhow Here are my updates...

-I plan on posting a few fun things just to shake things up a little for example: "What does your facebook status say about you?" I saw that headline somewhere one day and I thought to myself like "whoa" some of my friends do say the same things all the time. So i'm going to come up with a blog post based on my facebook friends and let you know what kinds of messages people send off. Maybe you'll see a pattern in your own statuses.

-Secondly I have toooo many hauls and reviews to do for you guys, so many that I barely have time to do blog posts on makeup creations. I have yet to do one Makeup blog post tutorial!! Oh Lordy LOL Anyhow Upcoming Hauls will be: "Lot Less Haul", "E.L.F. Haul", "Forever21 Haul", and "Conway Haul", You will be surprised at all the cheap stuff I got at these places. Reviews will be done after the Hauls on things I have LOVED so far and also those which you should not waste one penny on LOL.

- I would like to do a contest once I have more members. The contests will be simple things and the winner obviously would get free stuff from meeee :-) so PRETTY PLEASE tell all your friends if they're into makeup, beauty, or fashion to PLEASE become a member as well as subscribe so that we can have our first contest!

- I plan on posting things such as my monthly goals so that you guys can help me track my accomplishments and who knows maybe inspire some of you to set some goals. Also monthly wish-lists to give you guys an idea of stuff i'd like to try. And more about me & my life so that maybe you guys can get to know me more :-)

- Lastly, I have been thinking about starting my own channel on youtube but I'm going back and forth with this thought. I might give it a shot though so I will record some of my makeup looks. This way it will be easier for you guys to see what I do instead of just seeing the pics.

Guys let me know what you think. Leave feedback because it is soooo helpful & do not forget to follow this blog :-) Any Requests for me or Rosanna (Roxxi) PLEASE let us know... we would love to answer your questions and concerns. Thanks for visiting! (ok i'm off to bed now at about 6 am)

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