Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review on a few things I have recently purchased or received as a gift!

Hello Everybody!!!!!!! =]

Well this post is about these products i have been using for at least 2 weeks. I hope you guys enjoy && thank you so much for visiting the blog & supporting it means A LOT to Michelle and I.

-Now moving along to the review I will be rating everything from 1 to 5!

1. MAC STUDIO MIST: Well i received this as a gift from the one and only Michelle =]. When I first saw it I won't lie I thought it was going to be another heavy foundation that I wouldn't like but my assumption was sooooo wrong!! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! it is light, easy to use, if u spray it right onto your face u feel like your face has been frozen so I suggest spraying it on the foundation brush or blending wedge then applying it.

2.WET & WILD: MEGA VOLUME: I must say I am extremelyyyyyyyy picky when it comes to mascara but on a random trip to Duane Reade I was looking for a mascara that gave me thicker lashes since I had lost most of my lashes in a bad experience with false lashes I used for prom a year ago! So i ran into this product and saw the price only $2.99!! so I just had to try it! and may I say job well done for its price. I dont like the fact that there is a lot of clumping SOMETIMES (idk its wierd some days its find and some it clumps up a lot) but i just seperate the lashes with another brush.

3. SEPHORA SUN DISK: I went on a purposed trip to Sephora the day after my birthday which was to get my free birthday gift duhh! lol but hey as a makeup fanatic I just HAD to pick up a few things and one of them was their bronzer!.. I have other bronzers but I named this one my baby because I truly fell inlove! I love it from the beautiful glow it gives to the lightness of it I find it can be used for both everyday use and special outings. This product is just great I think its a must buy to try yourself!

4. SEPHORA'S EYE MAKEUP REMOVAL: This was another product I bought aswell on my last visit to Sephora. It is the "New and improved" formula but for me it is a love and hate situation. I like it because it does its job in one swipe unlike other makeup removals you have to do it over and over like 20 times so it can come off. But I dislike it because it makes my face really sticky. I feel like the previous formula leaves the face smoother but that might just be me.

5. E.L.F Studio's mini makeup collection:
I received this as a free gift from E.L.F on my last purchase. I can honestly say I expected more than what it is to be from the studio line. The colors are all neutral. The tools it has are exactly what that makeup kit is MINI! they are so tiny I can barely hold them, I surely wasn't expecting huge but hey at least a decent size. The brow powder is a little bit to glittery for my taste as well as a couple of the eye shadows. Since it is a lot of neutral colors I use them usually for base. The only thing I really like from the kit is the lip gloss, they are long lasting and have a variety of colors which go well with any skin tone!
>rating: 2

Well I hope you guys enjoyed!! I hope this was of some use to know what to and not buy next time your shopping for cosmetics..... TILL NEXT TIME =]

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