Tuesday, July 7, 2009

*Requested* E.l.f brushes Review

Helloooo Guys,

-First off I want to say thank you so much to everybody that has visited & supported. I am very grateful for those who have left comments, given compliments, became a member and simply just dropped by and read our content. It means a lot to me.

-Now off to my e.l.f brushes review!! Ok so as you can see in the picture I have numbered the brushes 1-12 so I will review them one by one. I will rate them from 1-10.

-1: SMUDGE brush: This brush is okay I would say. It did cost a dollar but I feel like if i use it too hard the small sponge applicator is going to just fall off. I barely use it anyway but here and there when I want to even out my smudging I use it lightly. I guess for a dollar it's alright.

-2 MASCARA brush: This brush can come in handy. You know sometimes when your mascara gets clumpy? well u can use this to remove the clumpy-ness. Simply pass it thru your lashes to remove the excess clumpy mascara before it dries out and it gives good results. If your mascara is extra clumpy and nasty after application you might want to use two of these against each other through your lashes and it will definitely remove the excess and clumpy-ness. (what a word: clumpy-ness?! but u know what I mean right? LOL)

-3 BROW COMB & BRUSH brush: it's a cool & useful brush. I personally use it when I trim my eyebrows (or my brother's LOL he's not gay btw) and I mean it works. I do think that the bristles on the brush are kind of hard tho but I don't really mind that since it's on my eyebrows not my face. The comb works fine also, some people complained that they received it missing a bristle but it's whatever it does it's job.

-4 LIP brush: This is a simple brush for the lips that does what it has to do. It isn't my favorite lip brush just because I have a better one with a cute handle BUT it does do what it is made to do so no complaints on my part. On the other hand other people have said that when they first got it it was sort of hard and if this happens just move the bristles a bit and it will loosen up. I believe this happens with most lip brushes.
-->Rating: 8<--

-5 SLANTED SHADER brush: I like this brush. I use it for highlighting around my brow bone, tear ducts, and under my waterline. Since it is slanted it makes it easier for me for some reason. But yeah it definitely works even for blending. I wish it was more fuller (more bristles) or something but it does the job so I like it.
-->Rating: 9<--

-6 BLENDING brush: The most AWESOME blending brush everrrr! I totally love it. It blends really really well. I love to use this for like real dramatic eyeshadow because the blending is just soo good BUT it's also good for simple eyeshadow blending. I mean if it works for dramatic blending then it works for everything else I think. This is what I call a "Must Get".
-->Rating: 10<--

-7 EYESHADOW brush: Another awesome brush. This brush has a lot of bristles so it is able to pack on a lot of the product. I really love this brush and have used it a lot. another "Must Get"
-->Rating: 10<--

-8 EYELINER brush: It's an okay brush to have around that does what it has to do. I don't like the fact that it's straight not slanted. Slanted eyeliner brushes make it easier. But it does do it's job well so for it's price (just $1) it's fairly good.
-->Rating: 8<--

-9 CONCEALER brush: This brush is soooo tiny. I doubt it does a good job concealing under the eyes or anywhere else but like a small pimple or anything tiny. It is also very hard and stiff. I would say it would be a good brush for small details for example applying lash glue to false lashes, applying gemstones to dramatic eye looks, creating lines for dramatic looks and any small details you would want to do to ur makeup. For the job it was created to do it doesn't really do it's job but it is able to do other things well so again for it's price it is good to keep around for the other things it can do.
-->Rating: 8<--

-10 FOUNDATION brush: For foundation I believe it is too small BUT it works great for concealing so I guess it makes up for that tiny concealer brush above LOL I also like using this brush to prime my eyes with primer. I like this brush a lot but not to apply foundation.
-->Rating: 9<--

-11 BLUSH & BRONZING brush: ehh..not the best. The brush is hard, loose and doesn't have enough bristles. It does not really does it's job. When I tried using it to apply blush the application was very concentrated and rough. I keep it around but do not really use it. Maybe i'll find another use for it. What do u guys suggest?
-->Rating: 1<--

-12 ALL OVER FACE brush: hmm.. I am not too convinced by this brush. It is very rough for my taste and this bothers me because I do need it for all over my face. I washed this brush twice and it did become a bit softer. I am going to try to condition it and see if it becomes more soft. Btw when i first washed it the water came out red since the brush bristles are red. My friend likes it because she uses it very lightly so she does not feel the roughness too much. I guess it's only a dollar so whatever but I'm sure u guys can find a better brush for all over the face.
-->Rating: 2<--

Well this post is sort of long but heyyy it was 12 brushes to review lol I hope this was helpful. Over all the 12 pack of brushes was worth it to me because I got to try all of them and now I know what I would buy again or would not buy. Maybe u guys won't have to get the 12 pack and can just get them separately since now you know which are good and which are not but if u'd like try them out urselves as well.

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