Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Natural Makeup Look

When I go back to school in a couple of weeks, I doubt I will have the same amount of time at my vanity that I do now (That's about 2 hrs lol. I think its fun). I did this look the other day in about 10 minutes. It is very natural as the picture shows, but it still enhances my eyes. Hope you guys like it:

Products used:
Philip's Milk of Magnesia on T-zone
Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer on Eyes
Burjois Regard Duo Chrome eyeliner in Bronze
Elf liquid eyeshadow in mocha
MAC paint pot n Indianwood
Elf liquid eyeliner pen in Coffee
Avon Uplift Mascara in Black
Smashbox Healthy FX concealer in Medium/Dark (under the eyes)
Mary Kay Loose Powder in Beige
Wet & Wild Matte Bronzer as blush
Avon brow powder in brunette
Prestige clear mascara
MAC Lip conditioner
MAC 182 Kabuki brush
Elf Studio line Total face brush
(The eye makeup was applied with my fingers)
1.) I moisturized my face and I primed the t-zone with the MOM.
2.) I applied Smashbox concealer under my eyes to brighten the area. (I dont apply it anywhere else, but if you have spots you need to cover you can apply the product as you please. I also did not use foundation, so you can add that step).
3.) I applied the Mary Kay loose powder over my T-zone with Elf studo line total face brush.
4.) I applied Prestge clear mascara over my eyebrows, then I filled in the sparse areas in with Avon brow powder in brunette.
5.) I applied Wet &Wild matte bronzer as blush with MAC 182 Kabuki brush


(My camera sucks lol)
1.) Lined the bottom and top lashes with Burjois Regard Duo Chrome eyeliner in Bronze and smudged unto the lid , going a little above the crease.
2.) I applied Elf liquid eyeshadow on top of the smudged pencil and let it dry, I then applied MAC paint pot in Indianwood, and blended with my finger. I blended only a little over the crease.
3.) I lined my top lash line with Elf liquid eyeliner pen in Coffee. I applied the liner very thinly and close to the lash line, so that it looked more natural. I added more Burjois Duo chrome liner n bronze to my bottom lash to add intensity.
4.) I appled 2 coats of Avon Uplift mascara on top and bottom lashes.
1.) I used MAC lip conditioner (I'm not big on lip gloss or lipsticks, but I do a lot of it lol).

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