Friday, August 21, 2009

IM BACK!!!! =]

Hello there bloggers!!

Well I've been MIA for a little while but my life has been a roller coaster.. So many things have been going on and then I went on vacation to Virginia Beach && Washington DC.. Virginia Beach is GORGEOUS.. I wanted to stay for longer but hey I had to get back to get ready for classes.. Im going to Try to post up pictures of Virginia Beach I'm still amazed that such a beautiful place could be so close to the city (6 hours- 7 hours).. Washington is beautiful as well but it reminds me of downtown manhattan since it is such a fast pace enviornment...

Now a few upcoming things...
(i will TRYY to post up pictures from my vacation to share my experience)
- Haul / Review on things that i got on my vacation!! =]
-Review on a few mascaras
- Haul on things i got from Mark. =]
- Wishlist
- & A Few others that arent coming to mind =] But I will try to do as much as possible =]

So stay tunned bloggers I will hopefully post up stuff very soon!!.. TILL NEXT TIME!

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