Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boots Cosmetics

Hey guys!!

Today I wanted to take the time and blog about my new favorite cosmetic brand. & guess what: Yes! you can find it at a drug store (well Target & some CVS'). & I am in COMPLETE love with this cosmetic brand. It is now right next to MAC for me. I have been getting things from Boots lately and loving each one. I'm already making wish lists on what I'm going to purchase next because I love them so much. Ok enough about my love for boots let's go with the facts:

- Boots is one of the top international drugstore Health & Beauty retailer.
- In 2009 Boots will turned 160 years old.
- Creator: John Boot, a herbalist.
- First store opened in Goose Gate, Nottingham
- DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS! products tested on humans to make sure products work well before offering them to the public in stores.
- Products have been tested on more than 200,000 men & women with different skin types & different environments & conditions to ensure product performance.
- Boots developed Ibuprofen, in 1960 (yes the drug LOL)
- The No7 brand from Boots is the Number One Skin care & cosmetic brand in the UK.
- 1 out of every 3 women in the UK has No7 in their bag!
- Partnered with the botanical gardens in Kew, London for the Botanics Brand of Boots.

Different Boots Brands Available:
- No7: offers a variety of mineral cosmetics
- Botanics: Brand partnered with Botanical Gardens in Kew, London for fresh cosmetics
- Botanics Organic: Organic, Earth friendly cosmetic brand.
- Time Dimensions: Cosmetics that take into consideration Age & Aging.
- Expert: Boots Professional Brand
- Mediterranean: Variety of body products (not sure of cosmetics)
- Amazon Forest: tropical scents & flavor of body products (not sure cosmetics)
- Original Beauty Formula: The one that started them all. The original.

Currently I own:
- 3 different shades of lipsticks -N07 line
- Natural Blush in Petal 25 -No7 line
- Cream Liner -Botanics line
- Translucent powder -Botanics line
- 3 Eyeshadow singles -No7 line
- 4 custom e/s - Botanics Organic line
- Eyeshadow base (like a primer) - No7 line
..................................................Love these all!!


I hope you guys enjoy this blog post, Those of you who visit from the UK: how lucky are you guys to have these in their own store!! so jealous LOL. But I'm glad we have them at target :-) If any of you guys own anything from boots please let me know about it, I want to know your opinion. I was so clueless about this brand & now that i've discovered it i am so in love. Ok enough about my obsession with boots. Til' next time guys :-)


  1. wow theyve been around for that long? that has to be some really good stuff. crazy! i dont think we have it here in the U.S. :(

  2. Yep! It is great stuff. I love them! & yeah I live in the U.S. they have them at Target!! I haven't tried their eyeshadows yet but all the face things are beyond great. I'm in LOVE lol. & it's affordable which is the best part.

  3. OMG & the lipsticks.....B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! <3

  4. I love the Boots Botanics Tinted Moisturizer. Unfortunately my local Target only has a tiny selection of Boots stuff.

  5. Really! I think i'm going to go get that to try it. My local target has a whole section of them. Try another target, Maybe they'll have more of a selection.