Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet Princess :-)

Hey Wonderful people,

Call me crazy but I want to introduce you guys to my pet turtle, her name is princess!! My boyfriend Luis Andy got her for me(Actually he got me 2 turtles, Timothy & Princess but unfortunately Timothy died :-( R.I.P. timmie!!) Anyhow, Princess has been with me since April 2009. She was really tiny when I got her and now she's like growing & stuff. She likes to be cute & reach for the sunlight all the time. Also she eats ALOT! Any of you guys have pets? Any of you guys have pet turtles & can share tips with me on how to care for her? Ok guys well this was my random post for the day. Little by little you guys will get to know parts of me & this is one of them. Thanks so much for stopping by today & please continue to do so! Til' next time guys :-) Feel free to comment BTW kk byesz.

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