Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A simple Hot Pink & Silver Look

Hey Darlings,

How are you guys doing today? I hope all you guys are doing great :-) well today I want to introduce to you guys my simple Hot Pink & silver look. I feel that this look attracts attention without being entirely dramatic. I would say it's a simple look with a spark of drama. Does that make sense to any of you? I hope it does LOL it makes sense in my brain. Anyhow I wore this look to go to the movies with my best friend Steven, His brother Richard & My boyfriend Luis Andy. I wore simple white shorts and one of my gray college tee's. Very simple & laid back. I also wore a big bag & some gladiator flat heel sandals. I don't know if you guys can picture it but yea I tried. Here is the look. Enjoy.

- Stila Tinted Moisterizer
- NYX Concealer in a jar
- Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation
- Cargo Bronzer in Medium

- Princesa Jumbo Pencil: Silver (along inner,middle & outer lid)
- Amuse Eyeliner in: Metallic Pink (inner lower lash line & blend into beginning of outer lash line)
- NYX eyeliner: Black (very lightly/barely there on waterline)
- Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara (top & bottom lashes)

- Mary Kate & ashley clear lipgloss

Well guys, That is how I achieved that look. I would recommend you guys dab some eyeshadow on top of the silver (like a metallic gray shadow) and the hot pink (a similar hot pink color) just to set the color and so that the colors look more vibrant and last longer. Mine lasted me the night but I was only out for about 4 hours so it really depends how long you guys plan on being out. Hope you guys enjoyed this look & found the directions helpful. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. Til' Next time guys :-)

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