Friday, September 4, 2009

New Tag: Everyone thinks...

Okay, so I have decided to create a tag because I think its kind of fun... So i will actually try to make this into a youtube video (No promises)....
the tag is: Everyone thinks...

You just respond to that and tag someone else.

Okay here I go:

Everyone thinks that my hair is fake. I have had men and women alike stop me in the street or wherever to ask me if all of my hair was actually mine. My reaction is usually something like this...

Person: Is that yours?

Me: Oh, you mean this (point at my hair)

Person: Yes, is that yours ?

Me: (Holding my hair and with squinted eyes) Yes, its mine. Why? Does it look fake?

Person: Oh, no, no, It looks nice (They walk away)

ME (to myself) You should have seen me when I was a child.

End of scene

Yes, people actually have the audocity to ask me whether the hair I have had forever is mine. I ask whether its the shine, the texture, the amount... I really do not know, since when I ask my little sister and my mother (who call it the wig) if they can provide adjectives, all they say is "fake" barbie-like", which for an English major aren't exactly the most descriptive adjectives.

They say it looks fake when its straight, but really fake when its curled. I think I should just shave my hair off, but maybe they will start asking "Are you crazy?"

I can't wait until I do the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (I mentioned it in the Global Beauty: Brazilian Bombshell).
My mom ordered some in the salon so it can be applied to my hair.. I can't wait!!!!!!.
So I tag my beautiful fellow bloggers M & R..
Hugs and kisses
till next time..

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