Monday, September 14, 2009

OMG-OSH Hey Guys!!!!!


First of all, I missed you guys so so so so MUCH! like crazy. I blogged my life away during the summer now i'm back at school and its just no time for my hobbies and my loves (you guys). I haven't been able to visit much but I've seen that My darlings: Kathy & Roxxy have done a good job entertaining u guys. I also have not had time to do anything on YT not even an update like this one. For the most part i've been getting a lot of makeup, as usual. No hauls :-/ And If I sat here and told u guys everything I did get, it would take forever. But this does mean many reviews to come in the near future. School is getting really hard and life is getting tough. Once everything gets a bit settled then I would come back with many new exciting things. The girls are also going back to school: Rosanna and Katherine therefore, they will update a bit less. THANK YOU to all the new followers. Never in a million years would I have thought to have 58 followers! Thanks sooo sooo much for the positive feedback. I hope you guys are patient with the whytheblush team as we try to settle our regular lives and ect. we still love u guys and will continue this blog. :-)

YOU GUYS ROCK!! til' next time lovely people....

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