Thursday, September 24, 2009

NYX eyeliners & cream eyeshadow Haul/ Review


well I know I have been MIA.. well the whole whytheblush team has been kindof MIA but classes have started and we have even more stress packed on now ugh! But we will try to update things as much as possile :-).. Well due to all this stress I have done a whole lot of shopping!! I have bought many eye liners from NYX & they are.................................... going to be described below =]

#1: Cream Eyeshadow(MILK): I have seen many makeup gurus on youtube use this particular cream eye shadow for dramatic looks or the inner lid in a smokey eye.... and i have been trying it out and it is great!.. i feel like dramatic looks last longer with this cream eyeshadow on the lid... I advise that you guys try it, you might just find one of your new fav products =]

[numbers 2-7 are all NYX eyeliners, 6 are very bold colors which could be used to create a look such as the one michelle created named..My Makeup on 8/6/09 <3] style="font-weight: bold;">#2: 918 Whit Pearl: This is not a matte white eyeliner,it has a little shimmery to it but nothing drastic!.. I love to use it for my day to day look as in when my eyes look like i havent sleep and want to make them look wide awake!!... the shimmeryness (i think i just made up a word) gives it a silverish tone in different lighting which makes they eyes look evern better

#3:920 Lime green: This eyeliner gives the same look as the color michelle used for her own look.. if you want to use it for night wear it looks really nice mixed with black eyeliner at the water line

#4: 917 Purple: I have come to notice since I purchased this color that it makes my eyes stand out A LOT.. I have really light brown eyes but they arent hazel neither.. This purple has shimmer to it as well

#5:836 Bloom: This is like a HOT PINK.. it is a Matte eyeliner and an extreme BOLD color goes well with very light eye shadow and then a hint of this color at the bottom lash line/ water line

#6: 908 Seafoam green: This seafoam green is veryyyy shimmery and is actually like a light blue.... looks very cool in different lights cant really explain it much because its a very unique color!

#7: 813 Plush Red: This color is very similar to Bloom but it is very different.. this red can be used for many different looks.. i like it very much to highlight my inner corner or outer corner very cool color and it is matte aswell....

Now the best part is I purchased these things in the city(Washington Heights/ Bronx) in Washington heights it was cheaper the eyeliners are $1 mean while in the bronx they are $1.49.. if you live in the city and would like to know the addresses and how to get there just let me know on a comment or email me at Subject: Rosanna

Thank you for reading my post, I Hope it was useful and you guys end up trying these products yourself... please leave comments if you have tried any of these colors or any other colors since they do have over 20 colors =]... well bye bloggers TILL NEXT TIME!!